I want to be your offensive line

Offensive linemen are men of few words, performing a dirty job, with scant recognition. And that’s the way they like it. Have you ever heard an interview with an offensive lineman? Answers are brief, to the point, and team-focused. These guys are more interested in hitting the weight room to bench press 500 lbs. than talking with reporters. They’re accustomed to working behind the scenes and in the trenches; if the credit for the win goes to the quarterback or the speedy wide receiver, that’s just fine. Linemen know their role and the importance of it. Keenly focused on their assignment, they look to put a defensive linebacker flat on his back, and make sure the quarterback is protected. They do the grunt work play after play, game after game, and know their success is earned in the weight room and on the practice field. 

I have a similar mentality in my investment management and financial planning business. It’s all about results, not accolades. I’m laser-focused on creating opportunities for my clients, defending the blind side, and the final score. No excuses. I’m here to get the job done—to do whatever it takes to help you create wealth. I’ve trained for it, I’ve succeeded at it, and I’m ready to work. I want to be your offensive line.

Joe Martinez, CFA is the founder of Dallas-based Phlox Capital Management, an investment management and financial planning firm. You can read his commentary at www.phloxcapital.com.