First and foremost, we must focus on your goals. Some people have well-defined goals, and others are not so sure.   That’s okay.  While we work with clients to better clarify their hopes and dreams, a healthy discussion of their fears is helpful as well.  The most important dynamic in investment management is whether or not your advisor understands your needs and concerns. 


GROWTH AT A Reasonable Price

Phlox creates broadly diversified portfolios incorporating all the major asset classes, including growth and value stocks. We believe that every purchase is a “value” purchase.  And it’s never appropriate to “overpay” for any asset. This is a philosophy we share with several famous investors, including Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Jeremy Grantham, and Benjamin Graham (Buffett’s mentor). Please see our Phlox Insight on “Buffett’s Alpha” for an analysis of Mr. Buffett’s approach to investing. 


Focus on cost containment

Phlox is an independent firm, free of affiliation* with any financial institution, for many reasons.  First among them is investment cost.   Larger firms often have several layers of fees paid by the investor; these fees support multiple large sales organizations. We are highly focused on minimizing your costs, because any savings accrue to you. Please see this short video for further explanation.

Every investor appreciates the power of “eliminating the middle man.”   This is precisely the Phlox approach.  By designing portfolios in house, including our well-performing Phlox Blue Chip Dividend Portfolio, we provide high-quality investment management services at “wholesale” cost.  This approach is common in the institutional investment space; however, there are fewer firms like Phlox that approach investing in this way with individual investors. We have the same training and tools as “the big guys” but we simply deliver more value for the fees you pay.

* your assets are held in safekeeping by a large, reputable third party custodian - please see the FAQ page for more detail