Clients with a certain minimum amount under management by Phlox receive Phlox Foundations services included as part of the relationship.* 


Custom Portfolio Management

Have you ever flown on a private jet?  This is the experience we seek to replicate when designing your investment portfolio. You set the destination, and we take care of the rest. We map out the route, adjust the speed, and set the altitude—resulting in the best flight possible.  However, if you have constraints or variables you need us to address, we can incorporate them into the flight plan. Phlox utilizes blue chip individual stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, and individual bonds to assemble portfolios. We utilize advanced risk management tools and analysis to both design and monitor your portfolio.  We emphasize low-cost investments, because any cost savings realized benefits you and your long-term wealth.


Financial Planning

From the outset, we listen very closely to your goals and concerns. Then, we help you sort out your priorities and develop a plan. 

Some advisors think that a boring 60-page, software-generated data dump qualifies as a good financial plan. Phlox cuts through that noise to focus on the essentials. Whether your net worth is $1 million or $50 million, brevity in your plan will keep both sides focused on your progress. We provide you with a 1-3 page summary of your financial goals and a status update on how we’re doing.  

For those clients who prefer a more hands-on approach, all of these planning elements can be accessed online and are available for you to stress test certain scenarios in real time if desired.



You don’t need expensive fee-laden insurance products to create a secure retirement.  Let Phlox design a portfolio that will generate the income you need. We will create a diversified,  elegant solution for you, incorporating a minimum level of guaranteed returns without using complex annuities or locking up your money in illiquid vehicles. 


Concentrated Wealth Risk Management

Some clients earn significant stock compensation, or inherit a sizable holding in a single company. Phlox will design your portfolio around concentrated public or private holdings, and develop a risk mitigation strategy to address the concentration.  We will also present you with opportunities to reduce the concentration in a tax-efficient manner, utilizing options strategies.

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Strategic use of lending is a significant source of wealth generation.  Phlox has deep experience in all aspects of the banking and lending markets.   We can advise you on debt strategies large and small, from new loan originations to workout discussions.  


Estate Planning Coordination**

Understanding family dynamics is very important, and planning for wealth transfer is delicate. We can help you prioritize your objectives and help implement a plan to assure that your loved ones are secure. Phlox and our team of experts have experience in establishing trusts, wills, and other solutions designed to lawfully minimize tax obligations and provide for your heirs.  


* In rare situations, depending upon the level of sophistication of the engagement, certain Phlox Foundations services may require additional fees paid to outside professionals.  In such cases, Phlox coordinates the services of all professionals utilized for the convenience of our Client. Fees and scope are clearly outlined, discussed with the client beforehand, and documented in writing.  

** Phlox is not a law firm. Legal advice and document preparation require payment of outside fees by the client.