Francisco Sanchez - Associate Advisor

Fran Sanchez has an operations management background in the Facilities Maintenance industry. His twelve years of experience include client relationship management, budget planning and project management. Fran is involved in client service and analytical work related to Phlox portfolio management.  

In his previous role as Director of Operations, Fran designed and implemented operational processes and procedures to reduce overall business costs. He managed large account relationships for Fortune 500 companies including Home Depot, Target and Office Depot.

Fran's primary responsibilities at Phlox include analysis of third-party product investment costs and equities research for the Phlox Blue Chip Dividend Portfolio.  Fran is also responsible for maintaining the firm's Approved Positions List.  

Fran earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, Texas.

In his free time, Fran enjoys travel, sports, and watching his son play soccer.