Women Building Wealth

Household earners, widows, business professionals—women of diverse backgrounds seek financial guidance from Phlox: not because we tell them what to do with their money, but rather because we listen. Our experience as a financial advisor to women in a variety of demographics has taught us how to ask the right questions, talk through investment options, and ultimately empower women to confidently manage their finances. Women bring innate strengths to the table, and it is our goal to respect and tap into those strengths, serving as your Personal CFO.

As a woman building wealth, how can you be sure that you are maximizing your savings without taking unnecessary risks? We can help. Whether you are planning for your long-term security, earning the paycheck that keeps your household running, or charging ahead with your own company, we can help you answer the following questions:

  • How do I fund my current lifestyle while providing for my loved ones?

  • Do I have enough savings to retire?

  • How much money do I need in a rainy day fund, and how should it be invested?

  • Are there risks and opportunities I haven’t considered that should be addressed?

Phlox will work closely with you to create a financial road map for your future. 


The Three Buckets

It’s hard to “invest” when we may feel like we don’t have the “basics” nailed down. We enjoy spending time with clients talking about “the three buckets” and listening to the client’s concerns. How much should I have in savings? How much should I put in my retirement plan? What about the kids’ college? What about money to help my aging parents? At Phlox, we believe that having a plan enables clients to feel a sense of confidence about their financial future. And best of all, this confidence helps our clients be better investors.